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Record Your Project Where The Best Musicians In the World Record !!!

Full Service Pro Tools Production Studio

Control Room            Iso Booth           Sound Room # 1             Sound Room # 2

There Are No Limitations to how you can Record At Nic NAk Sound !    Call Me and Let Me Know What you/or Your Band Is Thinking And Ill Help...:)  Ive Recorded Nearly every Genre At Nic Nak And I Always Provide Top Shelf Radio Ready Mastered Mixes.:) I Am known For Getting Big Phatt sounds, My Speed, Being Able To Understand Your Vision, Being Cool :) People Often Say I Remind Them Of Snoopy In His Joe Cool Sweater..

Quality Construction and Design Provides Warm Pristine Recordings

The Vibe at my Studio is Cozy and clean...100% Quiet, Soundproofed For Truly Professional Recordings.  .

Call me Direct at..

1-818-378-1330 to Discuss your Recording Project :)

Record A Group of Musicians all at once with Seperation and isolation for Full control in the mix- Or Overdub, Track one

at a time  Building the Song / recording up from the Bottom.

Vocals / Voice-overs Etc. are A-1, along with all the audio

and instruments etc. tracked here at Nic Nak Sound.  If your looking for Pristine Audio quality, your at the correct place :)

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